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Longboard in Capitola, CA

Spent a couple of days in Capitola, CA for my Birthday. It was so nice to find Kona Longboard being served at many of the beachside restaurants. Aloha.

Pray for another Firerock

June 2011 - walked 8 miles and pasted Old Koloa Town - had a break with a cold pint of Firerock

Will trade diddley bow for Pipeline porter
Will trade diddley bow for Pipeline porter

I built a diddley bow out of Pipeline Porter bottles as part of an impassioned plea to Kona Brewing Company. I can't find this limited release in stores anymore. I would rather trade my diddley bow for more beer than to wait for it to come back into season.

Big Waves at Turtle Bay

First Hawaiian visit, first Hawaiian brew. Fond memories of both.

Will drop in for KB

Aloha! it's Cielo, here in Switzerland! Lately I have been riding downhills more than surfing. Freebording is snowboarding on the street! You can do it year round, Hawaii is perfect for Freebording and it's a great way to work up a thirst! Last week I toured the Swiss Alps In my Kona Brew Sweatshirt; a gift from my brother Jesse. with every ride I thought more of what a treat it would be to share Kona brew with some Swiss friends...I need a growler right now! So here is my video: to share the Aloha from Switzerland! get the beer here please ;-) try: they have beers from everywhere. I would be so happy to have a taste of Kona here. Mahalo ;-) Josh

beer & sand

This is a Longboard Lager moment at "Tunnels Beach", Kauai. Too much waves for snorkeling, but enough time to enjoy this great place. I shared this sunny moment with my honey Julia. We really hope to come back someday... Great time, great island, great beer ! Mahalo Uli from Dusseldorf/Germany

Central Oregon Style

A little fly fishing and a Wailua Wheat is a pretty perfect summer night here in Central Oregon.

Enjoying Kona Brew in Kona

Toasting to a fabulous vacation with his and hers brews...Koko Brown for me and Longboard for him.

Fire on the Mountain

In an igloo on top of a glacier, 5,500 feet up Mount McKinley... Notice the beverage of choice!

Many Great Experiences!

I would just like to say that my wife and I (from Michigan) try to fly to the Big Island every year to visit and consume your wonderful island beverages and enjoy the lush scenery that you provide at your establishment. My wife took a picture of me at a local Kona restaurant. Thanks for creating such a fun and beautiful place to visit, and keep up the good work!

Two castaways enjoying two Castaway IPAs

Warming up at KBC prior to the 2011 Kona Brewers Festival. Our third festival. Mahalo for the work switching venues due to the tsunami.

Aloha from Waikoloa

Last week = first trip to Hawaii = first taste of Kona Brewing Co. beer. We tried the Golden Ale, the Fire Rock, the Longboard Lager, and the Pipeline Porter and loved them all. This is my husband's Pipeline and my Longboard after a great day with the kids on a whale-watching cruise and then at the Hilton Waikoloa lagoon. Perfect end to the day. Mahalo!!

A foot of snow, time for some liquid aloha!

Last week it snowed 12 inches here in Kansas City, MO. Time to enjoy some liquid aloha!

Loving Longboard Lager from Montreal!

I just came back from a wicked vaca in Cali. I'm from Montreal, Canada and always loved the aloha lifestyle! Sadly Im stuck here :( !! I was in Vegas and walked into a liquor store and saw it so i got it! The best beer ever and Montreal has a lot of local brews! It was my beer of choice the rest of my trip! I would do anything to get that stuff up here and I'm going to for sure try! Thanks a bunch Kona for this wicked amazing beer. I cant wait to sip on another hopefully the next time will be in hawaii!

Aloha Stadium

I was on Oahu in December 2009 with my family to see Wisconsin play Hawaii at Aloha Stadium and of course had to have a Kona brew before the game. Cheers!

ALOHA! from Our Nation's Capitol, Washington D.C.

We love Kona Longboard Beer! The "Liquid Aloha" taste brings us closer to our home on The Big Island of Hawaii! On the day this photo was taken no refrigeration was required. "ALOHA" from Our Nations Capitol. John & Irene

Longboard in Waimanalo

Perfect spot to enjoy an ice cold Longboard.

Out on the Lanai

Just relaxing in Princeville, Kauai soaking in the view of Hanalei Bay doing absolutely nothing!!! The Aloha way!

My Aloha Moment

Snowed 8" - perfect time for a Kona.

Last day in Hanalei

Enjoying Kona beer on the north side of Kauai!

Aloha from Annapolis, MD

Davis Pub just started serving Longboards and Pipeline Porters. Enjoying a Longboard makes me feel like I'm back on the Islands even though I'm half way across the globe! See you in January-aloha!!!

Unforgettable Longboard

First time in Kauai. Honeymoon. First time in Lumahai beach. Unforgettable place and beer. I miss you. I hope to find Longboard in my country...Italy.

Wedding in Kona

We had our rehearsal dinner at the Kona Brewing Company in May, and it was absolutely wonderful! The whole family came with us, and it was such an unforgettable experience. We can't wait to celebrate our anniversary there again next year!

Brushing On the Aloha

I found myself laid up recovering from a surgery and needed something to do. I had always wanted to learn to paint...what a better time! A month and numerous Kona products later "Big Wave" was almost done. I'm not sure if it was the joy of learning to paint or all the Kona beers! But its now two down and three to go. Keep the Kona coming!

Happy Halloween from Buffalo, NY

The Great Pumpkin came, Charlie Brown, and he brought beer all the way from Hawaii!

Lavaman Red at Fish Hopper

Last year we went to Kona and every restaurant we went to, we had to have Kona Brewing Co on tap! This is a photo of my husband at Fish Hopper, reacting to his Lavaman Red in a frosty cold glass!

Keeping Island Memories Alive

Kona has been my beer of choice since my first trip to the Islands in 2007. It's nice to have a cold one when catching up on emails at home.

Longboard makes a splash

Longboard tastes great on snow, water and sand. the 2010 pond skim championships at the Mt Shasta Ski Park, Mt Shasta, California.

French cats like the Liquid Aloha

We brought some of the Kona beer glasses back to Paris (France). To our delight we realized that our cat seems to appreciate them as much as we do. Disclaimer: of course he only gets water - we drink the beer ourselves.

Longboarding on Frenchman's Bay, Bar Harbor

Labor Day weekend every year consists of the family and Bar Harbor. This year I added an Aloha.

Die Hards!

Lisbeth and I - diehard supporters of our brand!

Portsmouth Aloha

Enjoying a Kona on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth NH. A relaxing date night with my wife and a great beer.

Kona Firerock on the Puget Sound
Kona Firerock on the Puget Sound

We spent the weekend with family at their new beach house in Burien, WA. It was perfect weather, and warm enough that with a Kona in hand and the water view, you'd have an easy time imagining that you were on the islands.

Kona in Cabo for my 40th.

This photo was taken on the Sea of Cortez by the Cabo San Lucas Arch on my 40th D-day celebration.

Longboard in Waikiki

Just another day in paradise. Enjoying an ice cold Longboard on Waikiki Beach makes it mo bettah.

Black Rock Longboard

I enjoyed a beautiful Aloha sunset on Maui with my wife and my Longboard. I just had to shoot a picture of this sunset at Ka'anapali Black Rock and the Longboard.

A job well done...

A job well done deserves reward...

41st Birthday

My family took me to the Kona Pub and Brewery for my birthday. The Castaway IPA was AWESOME as was the pizza. We ordered Pele's Own (my favorite), Puna Pie, and a cheese pizza for the kids. The food was fantastic, the service was excellent, and my birthday was perfect. Thanks KBC!

It is noon somewhere!

It may have been 9 AM island time but it was 2 PM back home! We spent three weeks in the islands (Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu) for our quadrennial (Hawaiian) family reunion and purchased mass quantities of Longboard Island Lager and Fire Rock Pale Ale. Very Good Beer! I found it in Florida but still waiting to find it in Illinois!


While spending time on the Big Island last September with my nephew's amazing wedding party, kegs of Castaway IPA always seemed to be at arms length. Since returning to the mainland, I have experienced an unquenchable thirst due to the fact my beloved IPA isn't available. Oh yes...I will return. And I will be thirsty.

Anniversary on the Island of Hawaii

Our first stop off the plane was for lunch at the pub -- and we made several other stops at the brewery during our 30th anniversary trip in Feb '09. Coming back in May '10. Save a cold one for us! This time we'll have one of our sons along as he's returning from Australia and we're meeting him in Kailua Kona. A great way to get over jet lag don't you think?

A Visit to the Kona Brewery

On the last few days of our special 25th wedding anniversary trip, my wife Beth and I enjoyed dinner and some great beer at the Kona Brewery on the Big Island! Mahalo


I first discovered your beer at Stogies Ales & Fine Cigars. Was double rewarded when I won this awesome Kona Brewing Co. Longboard. Love the beer and the boards. Cheers from Franklin, TN!

Liquid Aloha

Enjoyed my visit to the Big Island, and Kona Brewing Company in March 2010. Enjoyed an ice cold Wailua Wheat Ale, and sure wish I had some here on the mainland!! Mahalo!

Our pup Kona enjoying our 6-pack Kona box

In Jan. '06, we got married in Kona and had our first taste of a Kona Brewing Co. beer. When we arrived back in Dallas, we were lucky enough to find it locally and have been enjoying it since. We recently added a Bouvier puppy to our family and named her "Kona". 11-week old Kona loves to play with our empty 6-pack Kona beer boxes, so I thought I'd pass this on. Thank you for making great beer and keep up the good work!

Socke Monkie Enjoys Longboard

We first discovered Kona beer when vacationing in Honolulu in September 2008. We have made it an anniversary tradition to return to Hawaii each year and one of the first things we search for is anything Kona Brewing Co. While my favorite is the Wailua Wheat, our traveling companion, Socke Monkie, enjoys the Longboard Lager. We're already looking forward to out trip to the Big Island this September and visiting Kona Brewing Co. We'll be sure to bring Socke by to say hi!

Snowed in with our Longboards

This was taken during our first snow storm of the Winter 2009, on our deck. We were enjoying the Liquid Aloha in our hot tub during the snow and thinking about our vacation in Hawaii. We will see all of you at the brewery soon. But, not soon enough. By the way thanks for shipping the Aloha to us.

Last sunset 2008

Last sunset of 2008 on Big Island with a delicious Longboard Lager during holiday in Hawaii. Looking for Kona beer in Italy! Ciao!

Will Posthole For Porter

My friend Michael (pictured) and I snowshoed in 5' of fresh snow up to 10,100' in the Spring Mountain Range outside of Las Vegas. On our decent we stopped to enjoy the finest porter on the planet. We will continue playing in the snow if you continue to make Pipeline Porter.

Longboard Snowcones

My thirsty husky girl Wren enjoying a small token of love in the form of a Longboard snowcone.

Soapy Suds

I am a soaper and just started to use your beers in my soaps..AWESOME!! They work really well and just thought I would share another AWESOME use for your great beer :)

Pipeline Porter Pleasure

I had the pleasure to stumble upon your Pipeline Porter in the middle of Texas. Needless to say, I fell in love. I made a tribute doodle at my online community using a paint based drawing program. Mahalo, Shaun "Madhatter" G

Island Lager, Outer Banks and my Jeep...priceless

This photo was taken Thanksgiving Day while hangin' out at Corolla Beach in the OBX. Longboard Island Lager was the perfect beer after a day of driving the Jeep in the sand.

Always our first stop

Layovers in the Honolulu Airport are always welcome when there's cold Longboard to be had!

A Summer of Longboard

This is a pyramid of the empties that we had over our summer "Friday Night Barbeques". Great friends, great beer, and great times! And yes, that is all Longboard!

Celebrating 48 months of snowboarding

I am enjoying my favorite beer while celebrating completing my 48th month of consecutive snowboarding at Chinook Pass in Washington State.

Longboarding Lake Tahoe

Who needs big waves?

Great Scenery

I was on vacation on Oahu last week and drank a lot of your beer. I took the enclosed picture from our hotel room (after drinking a lot of your beer) and thought you guys might think it was cool!

Canine Consumption

We chose your beer in a little town in Idaho, and even our dog drank it! See you in Hawaii in 2010!

Working up a thirst in NH

After a day of sun & surf on the New Hampshire seacoast, look forward to a cool Wailua Wheat to relax and balance off the surf session. Thanks for bringing Aloha to New England!

A True Vacation

My girlfriend Angela and I recently took a trip to Hawaii over the summer and I have to say one of my favorite parts was visiting your pub! We have been getting a couple of your brews up here in Colorado so Longboard has been my favorite beer for some time now. It was truly great to finally be able to try your "draft only" beers (Hula Hefeweizen being my favorite) Mahalo!

Kona Brew and wedding rings

We were married in December but waited until we came over for the Kona Brewers Festival in March for our rings. We had the rings made in the Kailua Kona Inn Marketplace. After picking them up we went over for dinner of Imu Pork and Castaway IPA. We will be back next year!

Longboard Bar

I built this bar for our annual luau and by coincidence my wife found your beer! This is how we get our Aloha on in the central valley of California. The bar was a hit with the crowd and your beer is a hit with me!

Honopu Ridge Brew'n'View

While hiking around Kauai, my husband and I were sure to pack two Kona brews with us on each hike. This picture captures me getting ready to experience pure bliss while taking in the majestic view with a delicious brew after a long hike! Mahalo!

Celebrating with Kona Brew

Enjoying our favorite beer on vacation. This picture was taken after our engagement. And what better way to celebrate than with Kona Brew.

Kylee and her Wailua Wheat

Kylee, our 7 month old German Shepherd enjoying Wailua Wheat the only way she can. Mom and dad enjoy this beer while sitting out on our patio in Northern California missing the Kona coast.

Fire on the Mountain

Enjoying a Fire Rock Pale Ale on the top of Mauna Loa on the Big Island!

Feelin' the "Liquid Aloha" at Kona Brewery

We stayed in Volcano but drove 2.5 hours just to taste the goodness of the Hula Hef... well worth every second of the drive! I can now officially classify this beer as the best beer I have ever consumed. Will gladly travel thousands of miles once again to taste this Liquid Aloha! (P.S.- AZ would love to drink more Kona brews.)

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon Happy Hour

My new wife, Karen, and I just returned from Maui and Kauai for our honeymoon. This picture is just one of the memories of our amazing trip to one of the most perfect places in the world. This is just one of the Hawaiian Honeymoon Happy Hours we shared and my drink of choice is now Longboard Lager. I am hoping to find in Chicago, IL and drink a lot more of it.

Longboarding in Cannon Beach, OR

Even with a great view of Haystack Rock, I still have Hawaii on my mind. Aloha, Brad

Kona Boy enjoying the beach!

Kona boy loves the ocean and sitting by the sea wall. He is not allowed to drink so we enjoy our favorite Kona brews for him. He would like to be the official dog of Kona Brewing Co.

Missing My Big Wave

No matter where I go in the world it is always the same. If I can get my Big Wave or Fire Rock Ale everything is perfect. Although, if I can not find it then nothing seems the same. I really hope more companies start carrying some of the Aloha spirit.

Kona Love

We are all loving your beer. So now, over the past year or so, there's isn't one party or dinner that goes by without someone bringing the "Kona beer". My friends Dave and Jean are getting married this September. Can you guess which beer they're going to be serving at the reception? KONA BREWING CO. BEER! Coincidently, Jean and Dave had their first picture as an "official" couple taken right outside your brewery.