Our Beers

Widely Available

Kona is available nationally and in some international markets, including Canada, Japan, Brazil and Australia. From beer to seltzer, our Liquid Aloha will always be island-inspired, refreshing and easy-drinking.

Big Wave Golden Ale

Available year-round

Paddle into easy-drinking, island refreshment with Big Wave. So smooth, it’s like catching the crest of a breaking wave at Oahu’s Makaha Beach and gliding all the way into the sandy shore. Paradise is just a sip away, so bring your ohana along for the ride. One life, right?

Longboard Island Lager

Available year-round

Ride a wave of crisp refreshment with Longboard. It goes down smooth like the surf break at iconic Waikiki Beach - so chill, you’ll want to come back again and again. Paradise is just a sip away, so relax with your ohana and celebrate what makes life good. One life, right?

Kona Light Blonde Ale

Available year-round

Sit back and relax, with a crisp, 99-calorie Kona Light in hand. It’s as refreshing as that golden island moment then the day is winding down, the sun’s still warm, and friends gather near rocky Kailua Pier. Paradise is just a sip away, so soak in a day well-lived. 

*Per 12 fl. oz. -- Average Analysis: Calories, 99. Carbohydrates, 4g. Protein, 1g. Fat, 0g.

Gold Cliff IPA

Available year-round

Dive into bright, pineapple refreshment with Gold Cliff IPA. It’s as thrilling as a leap from the golden cliffs of Lanai and splashing into the cobalt blue waters. Paradise is just a sip away, so go ahead and take the plunge. One life right?

Hanalei Island IPA

Available year-round

Take in the laid-back tropical flavors of Hanalei Island IPA. It’s like glicidng through the calm waters of Hanalei Bay below lush, green, waterfall-streaked mountains. Paradise is just a sip away, so leave your troubles in your wake. One life, right?

Mai Time Light

Available year-round

Mai Time Light is a refreshing Tropical Wheat inspired by the classic island cocktail and brewed with orange, pineapple & lime. With only 95 calories and 3g carbs*, paradise is just a sip away.

*Per 12oz serving. Average analysis: Calories, 95, Carbohydrates, 3g, Protein, 1g, Fat, 0g

Kona Spiked Island Seltzers

Need a Hawaiian vacation? Every fizzy sip of our crisp hard seltzers is packed with tropical tastes that will transport your senses - no luggage needed! Sparkling bubbles, enticing aromas, and juicy flavors bring the islands right to you. What’s even more refreshing? Kona Spiked Island Seltzers have zero sugar and are naturally gluten free. One Life, Right?

Available in HI, CA, NC, MN, ND, SD, Chicago, St. Louis, SC, GA, VA, DC, NY, NJ, FL, NV, AZ. Use Find a Kona on our website to locate some near you.

Tropical Punch

Available year-round in select states

Punch your ticket to a Hawaiian vacation with tastes of pineapple, orange, cherry, grape and tangerine in this refreshing, fizzy hard seltzer.

Starfruit Lime

Available year-round in select states

Citrus-forward and juicy, this hard seltzer will transport your senses and bring the islands right to you.

Strawberry Guava

Available year-round in select states

Flavors of fresh strawberries and guava meld perfectly to create a quenching and exotic hard seltzer – it’s your bubbly ticket to a Hawaiian vacation.

Passionfruit Orange Guava

Available year-round in select states

The perfect balance of sweet & exotic island-flavor brought to life in a zero sugar, juicy hard seltzer.

Variety Packs

Sometimes it can be hard to commit to just one Kona. Our variety packs mix and match different flavors so that you can get not just one, but three or four tastes of Hawaii in each. 

Island Hopper

Available year-round

Our original variety 12pk features our sessionable, flagship beers Big Wave Golden Ale and Longboard Island Lager as well as two IPAs, Hanalei Island IPA and Gold Cliff IPA. This variety pack will take you from island to island with every sip of Liquid Aloha.

Wave Rider Variety Pack

Available year-round  

When your ohana comes together, the stories flow easier, the laughs carry farther, and everything just feels right. Relaxing and welcoming with a lushness, life and flavor all its own – that’s the vibe we capture in each of our island-inspired beers – unique personalities together, like family with something special to share.   

This can variety pack includes Big Wave Golden Ale, Longboard Island Lager, Mai Time Light, and Kona Light Blonde Ale. 

Backyard Batch

We locally brew several limited batch beers which are creatively crafted, feature special local ingredients, or have local charity components.

Hibiscus Brut IPA

February-December 2019

Hibiscus Brut IPA is brewed to celebrate 25 Years of Liquid Aloha! Gorgeous with a light rose hue, this beer is clean and dry with amped up use of Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc hops to play to the vinous character of the style. Characteristically dry and highly carbonated, this beer adds hibiscus for a mild tartness that pairs well with this effervescent style. This crystal clear, bubbly, rose-colored brut IPA can be a great casual drinker or brought out when in the mood to celebrate.

Cucumba Kolsch

Spring & Summer

Kona’s twist on a beer style that originated in western Germany. Pale and crystal clear topped with a thick, white, long lasting head and backed up with subtle bitterness that accentuates the soft thirst-quenching nature of Japanese Cucumbers. This pleasantly crisp, laid back ale is sure to refresh the drinker after a day in the hot Hawaiian sun.

Purple Grain

Summer & Fall

This seasonal beer is dedicated to the artist Prince, and only a complex and sensual brew could be considered worthy of the Purple One. Purple Grain is a unique ale brewed with Grains of Paradise and French Lavender. Full bodied with hints of a pleasant chai tea, this beer is a refreshing part of any day in Hawaii.


We also brew additional draft-only beers that highlight the many talents of our hard-working brew team. These are available throughout the southwest region of the mainland, select locations in Hawaii, and our brewpubs -- they’re worth planning a trip around.

Lavaman Red Ale

Available year-round

Lavaman Red Ale is an amber ale with a subtle chocolate malt flavor that’s balanced by our delicate blend of Pacific Northwest hops. Delicious, full-bodied, and roasty, it always goes down smooth.

Duke’s Blonde Ale

Available year-round

Duke’s Blonde Ale is an American, blonde-style ale brewed with just a touch of hops. It’s a light, crisp beer that won’t bog you down, making it a popular choice for the middle of the day. Or really, whenever.

Hula Hefeweizen

Available year-round

Hula Hefeweizen is medium to full-bodied with a pronounced banana and apple fruitiness and spicy characteristics. These signature flavors and aromas are a result of the special type of yeast used when brewing this beer.

Black Sand Porter

Available year-round

Black Sand Porter is a robust, full-bodied porter with a pronounced bittersweet chocolate flavor and aroma from the diverse varieties of malt used to brew this beer. The hops do a perfect job balancing the maltiness of this robust and roasty ale.

Kua Bay IPA

Available year-round

Kua Bay IPA is a bright, bold, copper-colored India Pale Ale. Piney hops, spices, and a subtle caramel maltiness make it a delicious beer that’s both full-bodied and flavorful.


Beers found across the islands.

Wailua Wheat

Available year-round

Wailua Wheat is a golden, sun-colored ale with a bright, citrusy flavor that comes from the tropical passion fruit we brew into each batch.